Thank you for purchasing a theme/template from WPLifestyle ! I really appreciate your support!

I am happy to help you and answer any questions about WPLifestyle Child themes/templates setup or installation to match the demo site. If you’re having an issue getting your site to look like the demo or a feature to work, I’m more than happy to help. 

Please note that WordPress related questions, 3rd party plugins & apps that were not recommended for the theme, and any further customizations (such as custom fonts, custom css changes, structural changes, etc) to themes are not covered under my provided support. If you have a WordPress related question or you would like to discuss customizations to your theme, you can contact me

Plugins that I recommend for each theme are also not completely supported by me because I do not create the plugins- the themes are simply styled to match them. If it’s a design-related issue, I can  help. But if it’s an issue with the plugin’s functionality, unfortunately I can not help, so you have to contact that particular plugin’s support team!

Please do the following before submitting a support ticket

  1. Check out the Support Docs first, to see if your question has already been answered. Use the search bar on the Support Docs site to search for terms or phrases of what you need help with/are looking for.
  2. Rule out plugin conflicts – I can’t stress enough that ruling out a plugin conflict should be your first step in troubleshooting website errors. The #1 reason for errors and/or features not working properly is due to plugin conflicts!
  3. Clear your cache if you’re not seeing changes appear on your site after saving edits & customizations.
  4. Update WordPress, Plugins, and Themes if you haven’t already. An older version of a plugin or theme could be causing the issue.
  5. Try Googling – if your question is not theme-specific. It could be a common WordPress or Kadence question or issue that has been answered already somewhere and you might find your answer faster. 

Note: This portal is for customers who have purchased a paid child themes/templates. 

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